Unlocking the power of drones and data

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StirlingX empowers customers to make critical decisions using multi-sensor data from drones


We work alongside our customers to understand requirements and pain points, then design and deploy optimised solutions -

whether that’s helping to conduct site inspections, security checks or health and safety assessments, complete maintenance tasks, perform mapping and surveillance, deliver equipment, or something else.

Our solutions are interoperable and modular so they are easy to operate and integrate with new and existing solutions.

Our team brings together operational and market expertise from the private sector and the military in an unparalleled meeting of minds and experiences.

We leverage our unique insights and user access to create best-in-class drone and data solutions. Whether you are looking to deploy an in-house solution or outsource your entire programme using our drones and Data-as-a-Service offering, we provide an unparalleled understanding of the technologies, applications, regulations, accreditations, and security standards necessary to enable efficient, effective, and future proof operations.